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Many people enjoy organic gardening as a relaxing hobby. It gives a sense of well being when they achieve a colorful show of flowers and plants. Some people organically grow their own food. The organic movement has grown in popularity in recent years, and organic food is easy to obtain at the local food markets, but many gardeners want to do it for themselves. Organic gardening is very satisfying.As well as organically produced flowers, you can grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.

For those who do not know organic gardening means no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or artificial supplements. Every gardener has done battle with garden pests or insects, but there are natural ways to rid your plants of them. Many tricks are the same that previous generations had to do and they didn’t starve. You just need a bit of planning. One trick to get rid of those annoying aphids is to plant marigolds near to your vegetables. Let nature do the rest. Organic gardening will be less costly and give you peace of mind. A lot of people are worried, especially parents,about the chemicals that are routinely used by many companies in our current food production. Organic gardening means your entire family even the dog or cat, can play in the garden safely in a chemical free zone.

Organic gardening will also involve compost making. This is more to it than grabbing a bag of chemical fertilizer. It’s not as complex as you might think, you just need to know what to use and the more variety there is the better. Basically, it’s a great way of using up garden and biodegradeable kitchen waste material. as A for instance you can use your own potato and other vegetable peelings when making compost. Flower prunings will help with the texture and coffee grounds will work as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure all the ingredients are dry.

Any one can do organic gardening, even if you only have a tiny patch of land. It enables you to have a relationship with the cycle of life and the production of food. Somewhere along the way, we all lost that, and we got used to getting in the car to go to the supermarket to buy food. Most of us never stop to think where it comes from or how it is produced. This is something everyone can enjoy, plus you can involve the kids in organic gardening. Encourage them to take an interest in how food is made. We are sure they will have fun helping you with the compost making and thinkingup ingenious ideas on how to remove bugs. Most of all, they’ll enjoy eating the delicious food that comes from organic gardening.

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